Cody County
Bed and Breakfast

PO Box 1943
Cody WY 82414

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Associate Membership Criteria

* An Associate Member is a business that adds to the support, enhancement or provides a service to members of CCBBA.

* Associate Members apply by written application, provided by CCBBA and are approved by majority vote of the CCBBA membership.

* Associate Members agree to be bound by the CCBBA standards and regulations as applicable to their business. A copy of the CCBBA Bylaws will be provided to applicants upon request.

* Associate Members may attend meetings but are not eligible to vote.

Associate Dues

Associate Members will pay annual dues .

A Website link on the CCBBA website is a one time set up fee of $10.00 and a reciprocal link is required.

  For Membership in the Cody Bed and Breakfast Association please contact anyone of our current members or email us here .

To be considered for membership the following must apply:
Form can be downloaded here.

Membership Criteria

 1. Members operate a lodging facility in Park County, Wyoming that provides overnight lodging and a minimum breakfast (fruit/juice, bread, hot beverage, cereal or granola, served or buffet style, not on paper or Styrofoam).

 2. Maintain compliance with Wyoming Food Safety rules and be licensed annually by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Health Department Division. (Copy of Annual license to be on file with CCBBA Secretary)

 3. Maintain compliance with city, county and state fire codes and safety regulations as they apply to each business. Retain adequate liability insurance. (Copy on file with CCBBA Secretary)

 4. Establish and disclose a reservation and cancellation/refund policy.

 5. Individual advertising must accurately depict facilities and conditions.

 6. Have CCBBA advertising materials readily available to guests.

 7. Participate in cooperative marketing by paying annual dues.

 New Members

To be considered for membership, applicants must submit a written CCBBA application along with copies of current food service license and current liability insurance.
An initial inspection by two current, separate property owners will be done before submitting the applicant for membership. The inspection will insure that the property is clean and in good repair and accurately depicted in advertising materials.
Each applicant must receive a simple majority vote to be accepted as a member.